PLEASE NOTE:  In 2017 the reservation rules were changed to allow ALTA captains to reserve all four courts for match play. However, if a member would like to use the courts during a scheduled home match time, please contact the tennis captain at least one week (7 days) prior to the home match date and let the captain know that  you would like to use the court. The purpose here is to prevent needlessly empty courts during match play times, but also to accommodate other residents as needed.

River Station Tennis Policies & Rules (Rev. 06/2017)

A “Member” for the purposes of these Tennis Policies and Rules is defined as:

I. a “full member” resident of River Station under the Declaration who is in good standing and all those family members who reside in that River Station household; or,
II. a tenant who is renting a “full member” home under the Declaration where the homeowner is in good standing and has advised the Board that the terms of the lease allow for use of the swim/tennis facilities and the tenants have submitted all necessary waivers and/or paperwork to the Board; or
III. a non-resident of River Station who is in good standing having paid an annual fee to use the River Station swim/tennis facilities and that non- resident’s immediate family members who reside full-time within the family home.

The Tennis Committee/Board intends to operate the tennis facilities in a way that provides Members with ample use of the courts for tennis, while at the same time offering a framework that supports league teams so as to maintain an ongoing active tennis community within River Station and to generate revenue to maintain the tennis facilities.

We cannot make rules to cover every situation. Therefore, we ask everyone to use common sense and courtesy during court utilization, and keep in mind that these facilities are for all members to enjoy. The Tennis Committee and the Board reserve the right to amend, delete or add any rule at any time, with or without notice, in order to better address the changing needs of members and/or teams that use the tennis facilities.

All Members on and off the courts should know and enforce all tennis rules. Stop or prevent misuse, vandalism or unsafe acts. Report violators to the tennis committee or Board. The Board reserves the right to fine a Member or suspend a Member’s right to use the Tennis Courts if, in the Board’s sole discretion, a Member or guest thereof violates a rule or policy herein, or acts in any way that: has the potential to damage the tennis facilities, makes it unpleasant for other members to use the swim/tennis property, or poses any danger or threat perceived or real to any member. By using the tennis courts all Members hereby accept and agree to abide by this enforcement provision.

Court Rules

1. Court hours are 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM. Turn off the lights when you leave the courts unless other Members are waiting to play.
2. Proper tennis attire is required. No cut-offs, swimsuits, etc. are allowed. Shirts are required at all times.
3. Tennis shoes only! No jogging shoes, basketball shoes, heels or other non- tennis shoes are allowed on the courts. They will damage the courts.
4. Courts are reserved for tennis players and tennis activities only.
5. No small children or non-players are allowed on the courts or inside the fenced area. Spectators must remain outside the fenced area.
6. No pets are allowed on the courts, or to be unleashed or unsupervised anywhere on the swim/tennis property.
7. No bikes, skateboards, roller skates, wheeled shoes or any other items not intended for tennis are allowed on the courts.
8. No fireworks are allowed on the tennis courts.

Guest Policy

1. A Member must accompany all guests.
2. Members are responsible for the actions of their guests and guest adherence to all the rules and policies herein.
3. River Station residents who are not full members in good standing under the Declaration cannot be guests.
4. No member can use more than one court for guest play without permission of the Tennis Committee.
5. In-home overnight guests of Members will be allowed to reserve one court per day during a visit and play without the presence of a Member provided the Tennis Committee/Board is notified in advance and permission by the Tennis Committee/Board is granted. All other guest rules will apply. 

ALTA & USTA (and any other River Station approved Leagues)

1. Up to two courts may be reserved per team for practices, coaching or scrimmages. If two teams practice on the same day, all four courts may be booked if each team has more than 5 players attending practice.
2. Each team is allowed no more than 2 hours per week of court time for practice, coaching or scrimmaging.
3. Teams may reserve up to three courts for match play and can claim the fourth court if it is not being used by the beginning of the match.
4. Teams should have a representative at all tennis committee meetings. Time selections for practice times/or team formation will be decided by the tennis committee in its sole discretion if there is a conflict.
5. All team captains must submit their roster and all non-member fees to the Tennis Committee chair/Board before the first match is played. Non-member fees are non-refundable. When advised by the Tennis Committee/Board about an issue with a member’s standing, the Captain must not allow the team member on the courts.
6. Captains must be resident Members unless approved beforehand by the Tennis Committee/Board.
7. All new tennis teams must be approved by the Tennis Committee/Board prior to roster submission. Each team should consist of at least one Member; however the Tennis Committee may allow a team with no Members if the Board so approves it to be in the best interests of the River Station Community Association (RSCA) at the time. New teams should advise other team captains that have teams in the same division/match date.
8. In the event that more teams want to play than are allowed on any single league day, the Tennis Chair will decide which teams shall play out of River Station and may consider such things as each team’s history with River Station and/or the number of Members on each team, or a lottery may be held.
9. All outside team members (non-Members) must pay a fee (currently $35 for adults/$10 for juniors) per tennis season (Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall.) The Captain of each team MUST collect all non-member fees and submit all fees and the team roster before the first league match. Any non-member who has not paid the fee, or any Member who has lost their good standing status cannot use the facilities until they pay.
10. All team captains are responsible for the grounds being left clean and litter free after matches and practices. This includes on-court garbage cans, bathroom and the playground area.
11. Bathroom light must be off and the door LOCKED after practices and matches. This is the responsibility of the team captain. In colder weather, please check the heater is not set too high or too low and that no items are stored near the heater.
12. All court equipment broken or needing repair must be reported to the tennis committee/Board. Prior approval for an expense must be obtained to guarantee reimbursement.
13. League matches take precedence over scheduled practice times. If match play is flexible, it is a courtesy to check practice schedules before rescheduling a match during this time. Please call the practicing team’s captain if league match will interfere with practice.